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JKD is a pragmatic martial art developed by the most prolific martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee. Lee designed JKD to be the most efficient form of self defense while also assuming that the practitioner is weaker than the attacker. Lee was adept in recognizing that the constrictions of traditional martial art forms limited the practitioner from performing at his or her most powerful or effective. Thus he studied forms of combat and martial arts from across the globe in order to increase his fighting repertoire and to develop JKD. JKD is revolutionary in that it is not solely based in the ancient art of Kung Fu, but incorporates the Western elements of French Fencing and American Boxing.

A key component of JKD is its focus on the exchange of energy in combat. As referenced in its English translation, the “Way of the Intercepting Fist” is marked by its use of an attacker’s own momentum and energy as a counterattack. A JKD practitioner is able to redirect an opponent’s attacking energy and manipulate it into an effective counterattack through his or her flexibility, or as Bruce Lee would put it, by being “like water.” This cross energy exchange is unique to JKD and distinguishes it from more rigid, traditional martial art forms.

JKD has a heavy logical and philosophical aspect. The movements of JKD are based on practicality or, to use Lee’s term, “combat realism.” This was developed through Lee’s countless hours of practice, study and reflection. Also a philosopher, Lee promoted the development of the martial artist with the guidelines of “using no way as way” and “having no limitation as limitation.” These phrases release the practitioner from the burden of being restricted to traditional forms and allow him or her to develop within themselves knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses as martial artists and how to most efficiently defend themselves from attack. Lee also encouraged the expulsion of thought when fighting. This theory of “mindlessness,” he described, does not mean to be completely void of thought or emotion, but for the knowledge needed in combat to become natural or innate.

JKD in its original form has remained largely unchanged in the years since Lee’s untimely death. Its practitioners the world over share the combat knowledge and sense of respect for the life and art of Bruce Lee.